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Freshman Year- Cyber Block 1 – IT Fundamentals 9001310

In this course, Students will learn about the tasks involved in various Web Technology job roles, and you will learn the skills and technologies to perform them.

Students will learn emerging computer technology, types of technology used in business, ethics/privacy and security issues related to technology. Students will be introduced to various operating systems, file systems, hardware/software, client server, peripherals, software updating and patching. Students will be introduced to various programming languages and software development processes.

Certification: CIW IBA (internet Business Associate)

Sophomore– Cyber Block 2&3- Computer and Network Security Fundamentals 9001320/Cyber Block 3- Cyber Essentials-9001330

Students will have the option to sit for the Network Technology Associate Industry Certification Exam (and/or) the Comptia A+ Industry Certification Exam.

In this course, students will understand the fundamentals of networking, Internet protocols and network security is important for all professionals who use the Internet.

Students will learn, networking (LAN/WAN), understanding of computer and network devices and components, network operating systems, OSI Model deep dive, virtualization concepts and technologies. The OSI model will be introduced and explained as well as basic networking terminology, data packets and the importance and function of protocols and packets.

Students will learn basic security concepts, physical security, data security, governing agencies, legal and ethical issues, legislation, security devices and software.

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Junior Year- Block 4&5- Operational Cyber Security 9001340/ Planning and Analysis 9001350

Students will have the option to sit for the Comptia Security + Industry Certification Exam

Security+ incorporates best practices in hands-on trouble-shooting to ensure security professionals have practical security problem-solving skills. Cybersecurity professionals with Security+ know how to address security incidents – not just identify them.

Students will learn, Technical underpinnings of cyber security and its challenges, understand common information and computer system security vulnerabilities. The student will demonstrate and understanding of common cyber-attack mechanisms, consequences and motivations behind the attacks.  Understand common cryptographic algorithms such as Kerberos, hashing functions. Students will learn and demonstrate techniques and their use in Cyber security. Students will learn PKI, certificates, intrusion detection, port scanning, network traffic analysis, security design principles and other.

Students will study risk mitigation planning, Risk Management, security policy, contingency planning, disaster recovery, continuity of business, forensic analysis.

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Senior Year – 6&7- Database Security 9001360/Application Security 9001370

Students will prepare for the challenging CIW Web Security Associate Industry Certification Exam and/or CompTIA Security +

This certification will help you demonstrate to employers that you have the technical skills and knowledge to manage and protect the security of online data, from a single computer to an entire corporate network.

Students will build on previous knowledge and learn Data base design, structure and operation. Students will get a base understanding of SQL, Database security policies, vulnerabilities and intrusions.

Students will learn software design, software attack vectors, best practices, safe coding considerations.

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Field Trips:

Reliaquest Corporation /Tampa (December 2018) – Reliaquest is a highly respected Managed Data Security Company. It is rated one of the best companies to work for in Tampa and one of the top technology companies in the area. Students will See a Security Operations Center as well as meet professionals in the IT Security Field.

Co-Advantage Corporation/Tampa (March 2018) – Co Advantage is a leader in Employee Leasing PEO industry. The students will see a data center / server room and meet corporate IT professionals.

Tech Data Corporation/Clearwater (TBD) – Tech Data is a Large Data and IT Company and one of the largest companies in Florida. Tech Data has many data and security product demonstration centers at its Clear water HQ.


Our cybersecurity program has partnered with local employers to offer paid internship/entry-level job opportunities to our graduates. Companies such as Moffitt Cancer Center, Co-Advantage Corporation, Reliaquest Corporation, and Tampa General Hospital have agreed to provide paid positions to some of our best and brightest graduates.

Guest Speakers:

Pasco County Schools IT Help Desk- October 2018 The Help desk setup it’s services in our classroom for the day and showed them the job of help desk tech. The students observed and listened to incoming calls and problem resolution. Students also learned the Solar winds ticketing system that is used by our helpdesk operations.

Pasco County Sheriff Office Computer Forensic Investigation team – Sgt. Pepenello and Detective Smith – November 4th Students learned about the types of investigations and tools used to solve economic, violent, terror and human trafficking type crimes.  Officers displayed some of the equipment they use on a daily basis. Students learned about qualifications needed to do the job. Students also learned how great the officers feel when they are able to help victims.

Tampa General Hospital, Peter Rucys – Chief Information Security Officer November 14th Teach in Day. Mr. Rucys will talk about his role as leader of the IT Security Dept. at TGH. He will talk about challenges, attacks, staff, qualifications and prospects.


National Cyber Patriot Competition Team. Students at KTECH are competing nationally in the US Air force Association Cyber patriot program. Our team will compete with over 4400 schools in the USA and Canada. At this point our 1st year team has achieved Gold Status and is in the top 35% of all competitors.

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