WKTHS Vision, Mission & Core Values


Countless Possibilities, Limitless Potential


We build a better tomorrow by cultivating the academic and technical skills that prepare our students for success in their chosen pathways.

Core Values:

Community: Forge strong partnerships with all stakeholders

Diversity: Embrace diverse backgrounds, values and points of view

Engagement: Provide opportunities for innovation, exploration and expression

Leadership:Develop individuals who inspire and motivate others to achieve beyond their perceived limits

Perseverance:Overcome all obstacles

Relationships:Promote positive attitudes, behaviors, thoughts, words and respectful interactions

Relevance: Adapt curriculum and instruction to meet current local and global industry standards

Rigor: Infuse high expectations throughout all aspects of student learning

Service: Commit beyond one’s self-interests for the sake of a greater good

Wellness: Provide a safe, healthy and nurturing environment