Student Parking Permits

Prior to ordering a parking permit, students MUST complete the district’s Safe Behind the Wheel course in Canvas.  Here is a link to this course (link).  After you have completed this free online course, please print verification of completion or take a screen shot.  You will need proof that you completed this course prior to ordering your parking permit. You will also need a scan/copy of your driver’s license, vehicle registration and proof of insurance to submit with your parking permit application.

Here is a link to the online parking permit application (link).

Student parking permits are $40 per year, and you can pay for your parking permit online here (link).  However, we strongly recommend that you do not submit payment for your parking permit until after your application has been approved.  Please submit your application first, then contact Mrs. Olen in main office  regarding the status of your application.  After your application has been approved, please submit payment here (link).

Please contact Mrs. Olen at (727) 774-3908 if you have questions/concerns.