Time and Knowledge

We are looking for Businesses that are willing to partner with all of our 14 programs of study!  Our main areas of need are in Biomedical/EKG, Cybersecurity, Engineering (Robotics & Electronics), and Pharmacy Tech.

What we would ask of you is to do as many of the following things as you are able, but even if you can do just one it is wonderful.

  1. Attend one luncheon each semester where we will review what we are currently doing in our school.  Then we will ask that you go with our teacher over to their class space where they can show and explain to you what the students are working on and show you the equipment they are using.
    1. Then we will ask for your recommendations on certifications you are looking for?
    2. What equipment are your employees using that we should train students on?
    3. What soft skills are your new employees lacking that we should focus on?
    4. What else should we know about the current industry that we may be missing?
  2. Provide an employee to share time with our students.  Through a zoom or by coming to our school to talk to the students about a topic related to their curriculum and how you utilize this in the real world.  Provide time for a Q&A about your field of work.
  3. Provide time to review student work or projects to give them feedback from someone currently in the industry.
  4. Provide our students with internship opportunities.
  5. Provide our students with information about employment opportunities.
  6. Anything else you think would benefit our students or programs that are related to your area of industry.

Please submit the following form if you would like to take part of this wonderful opportunity between our school and your business

Business Partnership Form